Meet AHMED BUHARI Keynote Speaker at the 2022 Nigeria Service Awards

Ahmed Buhari is a professional with a huge experience as a Government Liaison Consultant in the Oil and Gas sector. His role in the petroleum sector required him to interface with politicians, government and the private sector on processes. Most of which involved corporate social responsibilities involving educational projects, provision of health facilities in rural Niger Delta areas, ensuring proper communication between the private sector organisations, donor agencies, relevant government agencies and the general public.
Working as a Public Relations professional in the Communications and Mobile industry revealed his tenacious and proactive approach to projects which  resulted in numerous important contract wins.
His excellent networking skills provided vital client leads that improved client relationships resulting in impressive increase in business renewals in the telecoms industry.
Ahmed Buhari also Chairs the Board of a Financial Technology company with branches in over 13 states in Nigeria. Additionally, he has a degree in Geology, an MSc in Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Analysis, a Professional Diploma in International Trade and Marketing as well as an MBA in Data Science and Analytics (which is currently in-view).
Ahmed Buhari has practically merged Science with marketing and Business Administration. He has also worked on the field as a Well Site Geologist, a Data Analyst, and a Senior Business Development Manager.
Most-recently, Ahmed runs the affairs of an ICT/Business Development Company and also doubles up as an International Trade Consultant.
With over 16 years as a Scientist with Public Relationship experience, he is constantly seeking new challenges to help utilize his meticulous attention to details in a friendly and professional manner.
Ahmed Buhari is deeply rooted in Nigerian politics. He is constantly using his political exposure to engage Nigerians as he raises consciousness in a lot of young Nigerians who have become more aware of their socio-political environment, especially on how to prioritise their requests towards National Development, Stability and Unity.
Ahmed Buhari is a social commentator with over 1,000 appearances on TV, Radio, Print Media and Social Media, promoting discourse on the well-being of the Almajiri child, rights of women, giving a voice to people living with disability, religious tolerance, free and fair elections, climate change and helping shape the mind-set of the next generation.
He is the Vice Presidential Candidate of the African Democratic Congress a former Presidential Candidate and currently an African Union Ambassador and agenda 2063 Envoy.
He is married with children.

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