BREAKING!!! The Mayor of Housing Emerges ‘Real Estate Personality of the Year’ 2023

BREAKING!!! The Mayor of Housing Emerges ‘Real Estate Personality of the Year' 2023

The Mayor has been voted for by Nigerians both at home and in Diaspora, as the ‘2023 Real Estate Personality of the Year’.

He is also known as My-Ace China (formerly, Aloy China Emeka), has been making waves in Port Harcourt and beyond with his brand-building project and investments in real estate.

He emerged first place following his online nomination and voting by members of the general public as monitored and confirmed by the Nigeria Service Awards panel of jury which commenced on the 21th August through 4th September, 2023.

Consequently, this prestigious Award will be presented by the COA Media Group; organizers of the Nigeria Service Awards at a ceremony slated for 17th November, 2023, at the Abuja Continental Hotel, Abuja.

With over 21 years of business experience, the Mayor of Housing has learned through the ropes and grown organically to become one of Africa’s fastest rising brands in the real estate sector.

The Mayor of Housing is a rising star in Port Harcourt’s business and investment community.

At an event staged by the ‘DMONA Award’ group, the Mayor of Housing made it to the Top 4 in a survey dubbed ‘Port Harcourt’s Brand of the Year 2022’ along side other brands like: Opay, Desprados, and HERO beer.

Also, in 2022 at the ‘7 Kings of Port Harcourt Show/Awards, the Mayor of Housing was presented a well-deserved award themed ‘Housing King of Port Harcourt 2021/2022, following an in-depth process of selection.

The investor, who is currently developing and selling the Alesa Highland, believed to be ready to overtake the Banana Island in Lagos, has continue to cut across private and public sector’s investments in Port Harcourt.

He likes to say that he does not sell houses or property, but, value; where the value equation is beneficial over cost.

The Jos-born investor, who made waves as a fast brain at school up to the university level, has emerged as the fastest rising real estate success strategist in Africa. He has also emerged as a social funding champion and strategist.

His fame seems to grow on the successes he has made out of housing in Port Harcourt real estate industry as well as his support to the comedy industry and other young entrepreneurs.

He is said to have brought a lot of professionalism, innovation, and new positive energy into the real estate space especially in Port Harcourt.

A lot of people have appraised the Mayor of Housing, saying that it would not be surprising should the Mayor of Housing attains the pinnacle of Top brands in Port Harcourt due to his generosity and care for other business owners and young entrepreneurs. Adding that the Mayor always does his best to infuse his business activities with best practices nationally and internationally, thereby, gradually drawing global attention to the industry.

With the latest development of the forthcoming Nigeria Service Awards; coming the Mayor’s way, as ‘Real Estate Personality of the Year, 2023’, some are of the opinion that the Mayor of Housing is certainly putting Port Harcourt on the world’s investment map.

The prestigious Nigeria Service Awards; Third in a row, is held annually and It recognizes, honours and promotes outstanding individuals and institutions across both the public and private sectors, scoring excellence and outstanding performance in the political, social and economic spheres of the country, particularly by those whose endeavors have largely impacted the country positively in the year under review.

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